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    Engage with the AI4the.Win Community platform, a vibrant hub for exchanging ideas, where you can dive into a la carte videos and spirited discussions, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

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    Get exclusive access tailor-made GPT tools specifically developed for legal professionals and business leaders, designed to streamline workflows, enhance decision-making, and innovate practice management.

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    Participate in expert-led sessions exploring cutting-edge AI topics, trends, and practical applications, ensuring members stay at the forefront of technological advancements.

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    An open forum for members to pose questions, share insights, or seek advice, facilitating a unique mentorship and peer support system within the AI domain

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For those not ready to commit to full membership, offer individual courses at an a la carte pricing.

  • Exclusive Content

    Each course is meticulously designed to empower professionals with AI skills, offering tangible tools and insights.

  • Certificate of Completion

    Stress the added value of receiving a certificate upon course completion, which is a testament to the learner's enhanced capabilities and dedication.

Meet Your Instructor:

Enrico Schaefer

Enrico Schaefer, a trailblazer in the intersection of law and artificial intelligence, stands at the forefront of empowering professionals through AI. As an attorney with a deep specialization in AI, Enrico has pioneered one of the largest YouTube channels dedicated to legal professionals and others keen on harnessing AI to enhance their professional capabilities. Beyond his online presence, he is the author of the Quadcore Learning Method for AI, a groundbreaking approach designed to amplify abilities and drive success in the rapidly evolving landscape of AI technology.
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    We are the premier hub for lawyers and other business professionals seeking to leverage AI at work. We are all in this together.

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    Members get unlimited access to all AI courses, monthly webinars, expert interviews, and custom GPT tools designed to elevate professional capabilities.

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    Not ready to become a member? You can take any of our online courses designed for business professionals like you. We add at least one new course every month.

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    "Over 30,000 Satisfied Students"
    Hear what our class attendees have to say: "Excellent, educational, informative, and immediately actionable. Thank you for the great content." (@MB4369)
    "Thankful to have found your channel ... I've been trying to find the prompt downloads without luck. Your channel has been a great resource." (@markdim )

  • Quadcore Learning Method

    "Comprehensive Approach"
    Our proprietary teaching method is unlike any other training system available today. We developed the industry-standard teaching and learning method for lawyers and other professionals who want to securely use AI at work.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Am I eligible to become a member?

    Our courses are designed for lawyers, business professionals, and anyone eager to leverage AI to enhance their professional abilities. Not everyone will be granted access. Each member must agree to keep all communications between members within the platform strictly confidential as well as content from webinars and AMAs.

  • What are the benefits of membership?

    - Full access to ALL our courses (at least one new course offered per month).
    - Access to the AI4the.Win Community, where members engage in interactive learning and discussions.
    - Access to custom GPT tools made by us tailored for legal and business professionals.
    - Access to monthly webinars and AMAs.

  • Can I take one of the classes without becoming a member?

    Yes, you can take any one of our courses and pay a one-time fee which provides unlimited access to the courses as long as they remain available. Members have access to all of the courses as part of their monthly subscription.

  • Do I receive a certificate for completing the courses?

    We provide class certificates to validate your expertise to employers, clients, and peers. For companies looking to train their managers and employees, these certificates certify that the class participant not only took the class but passed all of the quizzes. These certificates become essential for companies who must ensure their enrollees are proficient in the course curriculum.

  • Do you offer discounts for company memberships and course access?

    Yes, if you are a company or other organization that needs multiple employees to access a course or monthly membership, please contact us, and we will provide discounted pricing.


Enrico has been providing AI insights and training for lawyers and business professionals on his YouTube channel. His videos have generated over 150,000 views. Over 1,000 lawyers and business professionals have registered to gain access to his advanced prompt engineering spreadsheets. Here is what viewers of Enrico's AI training videos have to say.

YouTube Handle: @441985

"Great video. I love the plugin. However, the workflow through a Google sheet was brilliant. I believe it is possible to have near-perfect efficiency with zero cost. I went from a $50k monthly overhead to overhead that is just north of $1500 through only a few now-universal apps. With APIs coming out daily from OpenAI, it is exciting to see the possible future come into a bit of focus."


Thankful to have found your channel … I've been trying to find the prompt downloads without luck. Your channel has been a great resource.


Waiting with bells on my toes for your next training video!


Excellent, educational, informative, and immediately actionable. Thank you for the great content.


Thank you this is so wonderful. I feel this demonstration was meant to be heard by myself personally. Nice work and help. Looking forward to working witb A.I. GPT.


Hey ! Just stumbled upon your latest video and I'm absolutely blown away by it! Your content resonates with mine,


Great video! I am a founding partner of a cloud compliance and engineering firm providing engineering gap assessment, remediation, and auditing services primarily to the DIB. Naturally, this video caught my attention. Well done.


Thank you for this training video on GPTs! I've made a bunch already but for a specific department (R&D) . They are helping me build an open-source AI project . Inside my dept I'm also putting a few GPT workers from unrelated fields to contribute as well.


I am going to create an assistant for bookkeeping. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience.

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